Several Common Bag Types Of Packaging Bags

Common bag types of cosmetic packaging bags: trilateral packaging bags: This is a widely used composite packaging bag and is also the main packaging method for disposable daily chemical products. It is widely used in washing powder, shampoo and packaging products.

Alien packaging bag: Breaking the traditional appearance, enterprises can plan the shape of product packaging at will, which is more conducive to enterprises to promote products. Special-shaped bags can make products unique and are widely used in disposable packaging and promotional packaging of various daily chemical products.

Suction nozzle liquid self-standing bag: This self-standing bag with nozzle liquid self-standing bag combines the two advantages of plastic container and soft packaging, which is not only light and environmentally friendly, but also easy to dump. It is conducive to filling, repeated sealing and beautiful shelf placement breaks the limitations that soft packaging can only be used as a compensation package for bottles and disposable packaging. There are two ways to add mouth to this self-standing bag: oblique nozzle and straight mouth. The bevel is to weld the nozzle at a bevel, which is generally convenient for large-capacity packaging of more than 300ml. Straight nozzle is welded at the top and is generally used in small-capacity packaging. The imitation mouth liquid self-standing bag makes the bevel of the bag similar to the mouth shape, which is easy to dump and fill. It is an improvement method of compensation and disposable packaging. In addition, there are special-shaped self-standing bags that are easy to dump.

Food vacuum bag is a packaging method that adds the product to the airtight packaging container and extracts the air from the container, so that the sealed container reaches the predetermined vacuum bag. Vacuum bags, also known as decompression packaging, are extracting and sealing all the air in the packaging containers to keep the bag in a decompression state. Low air is equivalent to hypoxia, so that microorganisms have no living conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh fruits and disease-free rot. Food aluminum foil bags have the characteristics of light protection, moisture resistance, good sealing performance and increased shelf life. It is also the choice of powder and other food packaging.

Post time: Mar-08-2023