Requirements For Bag Making Process With Nozzle Upright Bag

1. Heat sealing temperature
The factors that need to be considered when setting the heat seal temperature are the characteristics of the heat seal material; the other is the thickness of the film; the third is the number of hot seals and the size of the heat seal area. Generally speaking, when there are more hot stampings in the same part, the heat sealing temperature can be appropriately set lower.

2. Heat seal pressure
Appropriate pressure must be put on the heat seal to promote the adhesion of the hot cover material. However, if the pressure is too high, the molten material will be extruded out, which will not only affect the smoothness fault analysis and troubleshooting of the bag, but also affect the heat sealing effect of the bag and reduce the heat seal strength.

3. Hot sealing time
In addition to being related to the heat seal temperature and heat seal pressure, the heat seal time is also related to the performance and heating mode of the heat seal material. The specific operation should be adjusted according to different equipment and materials during the actual test.

4. Heating method
The heating mode of the hot sealing knife during bag heating can be divided into two categories: one-sided heating and two-sided heating. Obviously, the two-sided heating method is more efficient and practical than the one-sided heating method.

Post time: Mar-08-2023