Manufacturing Method And Process Of Self-standing Suction Nozzle

The self-standing suction nozzle is a soft package made of plastic film, which can be used to hold drinks, jelly and fruit particles. When the contents are contained in the bag, the gravity of the contents opens the bag, and the packaging bag can be placed upright on the platform, which is called self-reliance.

The self-standing suction pocket is usually formed in this way. The folding negative at the bottom is sandwiched between the lower ends of the two main pieces that form the main part above its folding line, and the two main parts are hot sealed together with the side end of the film. After the vertical bag formed in this way is put into the contents, the bottom of the vertical bag is opened due to the gravity of the contents, thus forming a stable bag at the bottom. In addition, the packaging bag combines various materials with different characteristics to improve the breathability, moisture permeability, oil resistance, water resistance and drug resistance of packaging materials, thus giving full play to resistance to insects, dust, microorganisms, light, fragrance, taste and other odors, as well as heat resistance, cold resistance and impact resistance, and has good mechanical strength and processing applicability.

However, when used for drinks, juices and other drinks, straws are first used, and then the bag is pierced before drinking, which is very troublesome and inconvenient to use. The new self-standing suction nozzle can provide a bottom plug-in suction nozzle to solve the above problems. In order to achieve the above purpose, the new suction nozzle provides the following technical solutions: a bottom plug-in self-in self-standing suction nozzle bag body, a top of the suction nozzle bag body is covered with a seal, a seal on the left and right sides of the suction nozzle bag, a wrist between the lower and right edge of the top, a fixed ring between the left and left edge of the top, a suction nozzle is inserted into the inner cavity of the fixed ring, an external thread on the outer wall of the suction nozzle, the suction nozzle inserts the inner cavity of the suction nozzle cover, an internal thread on the inner wall of the suction nozzle cover, a folding bottom is provided on the lower side of the middle of the suction nozzle bag body, and a sealing The suction nozzle and suction nozzle cover are matched by external threads and internal threads. The suction nozzle bag body is a suction pocket composed of three layers of plastic film, and the number of edge seals is not less than 2. Its beneficial effect is that the self-standing suction nozzle inserted at the bottom makes the production efficiency of the packaging bag high through the suction nozzle. There is no need for more manual sealing pipes, and the liquid packaging capacity is large. Through the combination of three layers of plastic film, the bottom is supported by the weight of the liquid itself, which can stand steadily like a plastic bottle, easy to carry, more economical than plastic bottles, and convenient for consumers to use. The self-standing suction pocket is more convenient for dumping or absorbing contents, and can be reopened at the same time. It can be regarded as a combination of a self-standing bag and an ordinary bottle mouth. This self-standing bag is usually used in the packaging of daily necessities and used to hold liquid, colloidal and semi-solid products, such as drinks, shower gel, shampoo, ketchup, cooking oil and jelly.

Post time: Mar-08-2023