Application of Suction Nozzle in the Self-supporting Bag Industry

With the rapid development of China's self-standing bag market and the growth of market competitiveness, people's packaging requirements have gradually improved, and the application scope of various packaging is also gradually expanding. The bag design of various manufacturers is also constantly changing and innovating. New self-standing bags of various shapes are produced. The design and printing of self-standing bags is becoming more and more colorful, and there are more forms. Self-standing bags are constantly innovating. At the same time, the demand for suction caps continues to increase, and the style and requirements are constantly changing. Self-standing bags are composed of composite materials. The suction nozzle is a food-grade HDPE and HDPP in the bottle cap.

Packaging bags formed by the combination of nozzles and self-standing bags are usually used to package liquids, such as juices, beverages, detergents, milk, soy milk, soy milk, soy sauce, etc. Because the suction nozzles are in various forms in the suction nozzle packaging bag, and there is no difficulty in suction. After sealing, the contents are not easy to shake. There are jelly, juice, long mouths for beverages for washing supplies, butterfly valves for red wine and air valves for coffee. There is also a special-shaped anti-theft tube cover, which is referred to as apple lid, mushroom cover, anti-swallowing cover, with a specification 8.6mm single card/dual card, suitable for juice and puree product packaging bags. Features of Apple cover products: The design contains a dented part, which is convenient and labor-saving; there is an anti-theft ring that can prevent reuse, and the suction nozzle is non-toxic and tasteless, with high folding resistance.

With the continuous development and application of nozzle packaging bags, most detergents and softeners in Japan and South Korea use nozzle cover packaging bags. If large self-standing bags with handles are made by making bags, many commodities such as washing powder, cars, motorcycle oil, edible oil, etc. may gradually shift to this packaging. Winter liquor is sold in the cold areas of the north. If a soft package with a long mouth is used to make a 200-300ml package, it is convenient for people working in the field to use their body temperature or warm water to sprinkle it for free. At present, the advertising industry is developing rapidly. If you make full use of the characteristics of convenient printing of soft packaging and good printing quality, and printing advertisements for customers on soft water bags will reduce the actual cost of soft packaging, so drinking water plants are also interested in using such packaging in large quantities. In addition, special places such as football stadiums in famous scenic spots are more suitable for this kind of soft packaging.

The advantages of suction nozzles in self-supporting bags are known by more consumers. With the increasing awareness of social environmental protection, it is bound to replace bottle and barrel packaging with suction nozzle soft packaging bags and replace traditional soft packaging that cannot be sealed. The advantage of the suction nozzle cover packaging bag over the common packaging method is its portability. The nozzle cover bag can be easily placed in the backpack or even the pocket, and it can become smaller as the contents decrease.

Post time: Mar-08-2023